Justice Investigative Services, Inc.


With over 35 years of investigative experience, Justice Investigative Services is dedicated to the highest degree of professional standards and strict confidentiality.

As a client of JIS, you can expect engagement, knowledge, respect and unbiased honesty by competent and professional investigators.

​Justice Investigative Services provides comprehensive investigative support that can trust.

A Full Service Investigative Agency.



At Justice Investigative Services, our pride is in the relationships we build, based on loyalty and trust. Each client and situation is approached with personalized engagement from planning, executing, directing and implementing the services agreed upon. Alway within budget, we work tirelessly to instill confidence in each client.

​Rest assured that the work done by JIS will be honest and ethical while achieving the maximum results possible. 

Experience You Can Trust


We serve a wide range of clientele, and every client relationship is valued greatly.

In today's climate the key word is "privacy". Justice Investigative Services approaches each client and investigation with a professional, discreet and loyal search for uncovering  the truth.